Review of AB and LO on Online Teaching Techniques

I´m going to review Fernando’s Faria AB, posted on his blog in

I appreciated the references chosen by Fernando. I find the bibliography presented very complete and useful when studying the subject Online Teaching Techniques.  On his annotations, Fernando gives us a short synthesis of the article, sometimes using other information to complete the article’s theme.

As an improvement, the AB could be more diversified as for the type of Bibliography chosen, instead of only articles, although, in terms of content, the articles chosen are diverse.

As for the LO, my review will be on Juliana’s Learning Object, presented here:

This is a very interesting presentation, with a lot of information. Sometimes, it is refreshing to go “back to the basic” and watch a more simple (technology wise) LO, but witch gives us a synthesised but quite complete understanding of what Online Teaching Techniques are.

I think this presentation could be improved with the use of graphics and more images, maybe by dividing some of the information and showing it with appealing images. There are a lot of articles and videos published on the web about this subject, I particularly like this one:

Learning Object on Online Teaching Techniques

My LO on Online Teaching Techniques was created using GLOGSTER:

Annotated Bibliography on Online Teaching Techniques

Online Teaching Techniques

Paulsen, Morten Flate –  “Online Teaching Techniques”, in Online Education and Learning Management Systems – Global E-learning in a Scandinavian Perspective, 2003 NKI Forlaget

“This article presents experiences with teaching techniques that were found in the literature and that were recommended by some of the 150 online teachers that were interviewed about their experiences with teaching techniques.”

In this article, Morten Paulsen begins by giving an overview of the teaching techniques discussed in CMC literature and presents a Framework for online teaching techniques, based on the type of interaction used (one – online; one to one; one to many; many to many). It is a very interesting article which congregates the mainly used teaching techniques in online learning environments, based on The Online Report on Pedagogical Techniques for Computer-Mediated Communication from 1995.

Although this particular article is not available online, we can order the e-book were it is integrated at

Good practice – Integrating technology, available at . Accessed on 2010-04-18

In this site we can find practical tips or Good Practices for teaching in online environments. It has from the base strategies for teaching in online environments; a Course Redesign Guide by Boettcher & Conrad (1999); an overview of Online Teaching Techniques for Computer-Mediated Communications; tips for building learning communities and other recourses:

Designing and implementing elearning, available at Accessed on 2010-04-18

“This site provides some answers to two big questions:

Another practical site for e-teachers, with useful information on online techniques and activities. The Gallery of strategies section provides samples of online activities, grouped in two levels. We can access samples and view an explanation of each activity.