Review of AB and LO on Cooperative Freedom

When choosing a colleague’s AB and LO to review I tried to choose one that hadn’t already been reviewed. Because I’m behind schedule that wasn’t an easy task!

My Annotated Bibliography review is on Isabel Manteiga’s work, posted on her blog:

Isabel built her annotated bibliography around the differences between Collaboration and Cooperation and she tried to present different authors. On her annotations, Isabel stands out the core of each article, giving the reader her interpretation of it. I think it is a good compilation of articles with significant personal insights on the definitions of Collaboration and Cooperation.

As for improvement, I think the fact the AB focused on the differences between the two concepts, ended up limiting the insights on each article to these notions. But it also gave it a more directed sense!

Concerning the Learning Object, I chose the Marina’s work, posted on her blog:

Marina did a cartoon using In it, she described what cooperative learning is, simulating a student’s conversation at the café. This Learning Object is very complete in terms of the concepts included in it: it covers the definition of cooperative freedom, flexibility, the learning partner and other aspects of cooperative learning.

I enjoyed the light colours used in this cartoon, especially because it has a lot of information. This is precisely the aspect I think could be improved: the amount of information per square and overall is, sometimes, a little confusing.

A final note to all my colleagues (Isabel and Marina in particular): I really enjoyed reading and watching everyone’s ABs and LOs! I think there are very good peaces and, all together, have significantly contributed to my learning process in these matters. Thanks to you all!

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