Annotated Bibliography

In this article Morten Paulsen presents his theory of cooperative freedom, explaining the meaning of both components “cooperation” and “freedom” in learning. This is a very clear article that gives us an understanding of the alternative to an individual learning vs a group collaborative learning – cooperative learning. The idea is to respect individual freedom, inspired by the andragogy theory by Knowles in a cooperative learning network environment.

Published on YouTube on June 12, 2008 by Professor Morten Flate Paulsen. He explains  the theory of Cooperative Freedom in online education, distinguishes the three online learning theories and relates the solution enabling online cooperative learning to the web 2.0 and social networks.

In this interview we can read more in detail about the differences on the three online learning theories and the importance of transparency and web 2.0 to building cooperative learning environments which allow student’s freedom, but grant them the opportunity to learn with and from others.

Finally, I chose this article about the role of social network and transparency in enabling cooperative learning.

The authors start by explaining the concepts of cooperative learning and transparency and defend that cooperative learning requires transparency. We  can also find a description of the tools, assessment and assignments used in cooperative learning.


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